It’s Okay To Crave A VA – But Do Not Just Dream About It, Get One!

We would not be doing the type of work that we are doing if we did not like it or enjoy it, at least, right? Marketing and taking on new clients and services is great! Admit it…you love the rush! Why wouldn’t you?! *smiley face*. Meetings, quotes, project management and overall communication, and all of sudden,we realize that we are strapped for time and we begin to forget some of the mental notes that we have made earlier in the day. Who do I need to see next? What communication is outstanding? Did I even get all my invoices out for the month?

It’s amazing to see before your very own eyes just how much administration that time, productivity and enjoyment can generate! About now you wish that you have a hand that can keep up with your energy levels and help according to your hourly needs with administration. Ah, you thought it was Virtually impossible to get part time virtually assistants in South Africa, didn’t you?

Reasons to act now rather than later:

  1. You are still in control of your business.
  2. You cannot afford to lose precious time interviewing all the part time assistants in Johannesburg!
  3. Ugh, employee training…who wants to do that! *sad face*
  4. You do not have the time to micromanage people. Your business needs you to keep producing the goods!
  5. You may not get the maximum output out of an employee that you have invested in.
  6. It is a proven fact that businesses grow from collaboration with external or outsourced entities than when looking internally for solutions all the time.

Imagine getting to a point where every time you sit down at your work station, it is to open new channels and to create new business without the burden of worry about accurate capture of data or catching up on outstanding communication. With a virtual assistant in Pretoria, this is more than possible, it is a readily available administration service! Great news…you just got cooler! Choosing Admin Assist, you have just joined an elite group of productive successful people.


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