Don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas with the kids!

How time flies! It is hard to believe that Christmas is peeking around the corner. It feels like just the other day when we were ringing in the new year. The festive season is upon us once more- a time for love, family, happiness and relaxation. However, relaxation may not be on the cards for everyone. If you are a business owner, the festive season can prove to be the busiest time of the year, and if you are a parent, it isn’t any different.

While school’s out and the kids are enjoying a much-needed break from the books, this just means more juggling for you to do! You must keep them entertained all while trying to keep afloat amidst the hustle and bustle of the festive season? Seems like a lot, even for a seasoned mom or dad.

And even though a Virtual Assistant is probably not up for the job of babysitting your kids (that’s not part of our skills set- unfortunately!), they can help in coordinating holiday activities!

While you are still scurrying through last-minute work, our VA’s are more than capable of helping you coordinate a holiday at home your kids are sure to love! They can coordinate play dates, book tickets to that Disney theatre production the kids have been dying to watch, book their doctor or dentist appointments, and they can even scout kid-friendly places where the kids are guaranteed to have fun!

Furthermore, we know that whenever the young ones are on holiday the house is a certified disaster-zone! Let us arrange house cleaners in your area!

So yes, we know that the festive season can be a daunting time for families, but we want to help make this time as stress-free as possible. Call up any of our VA’s if you want to put the cheer back into your kids’ December holidays, and the relaxation back into yours.


That “Spring in Your Step” is Just 5 Steps Away!

The cold weather is slowly leaving us, big winter jackets are going into storage, heaters are being used less and less, and the sun is creeping up from behind the clouds. A clear indication that spring is finally here! After witnessing a persistent and determined winter, it’s safe to say that many of us are delighted at the thought of a new season.

There isn’t a season quite as marvellous as spring. It signifies new life, endless possibilities and a fresh perspective. As we all begin to slowly come out of the foggy winter haze, we slowly realise that it’s time to adopt a fresh take on life. There isn’t a better time than now to start doing things a little differently to yield more positive outcomes in one’s life.

We have 5 steps that are guaranteed to put the spring back in your step, courtesy of the loving Admin Assist family.

  1. Declutter your closet.

This is obvious. Chuck those heavy winter items into storage to make room for all those summer goods.

  1. Revamp your fitness.

This is a touchy subject, we know. If you want to shed some winter kilos, spring is the perfect time to work towards that summer body! Or maybe you just want to get fit- it’s all up to you. No pressure.

  1. Check in on career goals.

Time to check in on how far you are from reaching your career milestones then go on working at it!

  1. Set yourself a budget.

It’s time to snap out of that careless winter spending. Draw up a budget so that you never have too much month at the end of your money. Luckily for you, we can help with this.

  1. Reorganize your home/workspace.

Not to assume that you live in absolute clutter, but reorganizing your workplace or home can give you a fresh perspective and a whole new drive that you didn’t have before, because there’s really no such thing as organised chaos.

Most importantly, spring is for living life to the fullest. Spend less time doing the things you’d rather not do, and more time on things you love.

Let us at AdminAssisthelp you to achieve all your spring cleaning goals!

AdminAssist and booking your next holiday!

It’s officially spring and that means holiday season is upon us! Whether it’s a short spring break or a Christmas getaway you’re after, it’s that time of the year when you need to start planning your trip and tying up all those loose ends. Undoubtedly, the best part of planning a holiday is when you find yourself relaxing by the resort pool, with your sunhat on and a yummy cocktail in hand. Little do the other guests at the resort know the amount of effort and time you have spent in making that exact moment happen. They don’t know the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into making your holiday trip possible. The thought of it is so daunting that it could easily put one off travelling all together.

Alas, its 2017 and fortunately you don’t have to be the queen of England to have someone help you out with the things you’d much rather not deal with. We know looking for a good hotel with crisp white linen sheets, that doesn’t break the budget, isn’t as easy as it looks. Searching for and booking fun activities for your upcoming holiday trip isn’t that fun either. Calling around to confirm your flights and hotel stay and shuttle service is something you don’t really want to do. Let’s not even get started on looking for a dog-friendly guesthouse or a doggy hotel that’ll give your furry friend the utmost love and care it needs. All of that and you still have to make sure that the holiday trip doesn’t break the bank? It’s all too much! It seems that you only have two solutions- get the idea of a Christmas trip right out of your head or hire a virtual assistant who will do the dirty work for you!

This is just one of the many things our personal assistants happen to love doing. Hire an Admin Assist Virtual PA who will take the load off, so that you can enjoy your holiday planning as much as the actual holiday.

Virtual Assistant in Johannesburg – Know How to Keep Your Part Time Assistants in Pretoria on Their Toes!

If you are looking forward to hire virtual assistant in Johannesburg, then AdminAssist is the right place where you can find affordable services. Part time assistants in Pretoria can deliver a great help for you while trying to handle admin related works in the best possible manner. These works can sometime make you feel very hectic. And when you need to look for several other aspects that are important for your business, spending time and effort with the admin related stuffs may not be so easy for you. However, admin related works are also important and this keeps your business on the track. So, instead of hiring an office assistant in person and paying him on a full time basis, you should go for the virtual assistant in Johannesburg. This is a very cost effective option and can come up with handy outcome as well. The fact is that as a client to the part time assistants in Pretoria, you also need to follow certain guidelines so that the whole work can be done smoothly and a solid work relationship can develop.

When you have clear cut expectations, this can save more time and effort. In case there are some doubts, be there to clear them so that the virtual assistant in Johannesburg can perform the job accordingly and properly.

It is very important that the client must remain available during the business hours. During such hours, the part time assistants in Pretoria you have hired may come up with certain queries and they may seek for your valuable feedback. This helps virtual assistant in Johannesburg a lot to continue the given job without any fuss. On some instances, the virtual assistant may ask you for signing off on some ideas and proposals. Due to this reason staying available for your part time assistants in Pretoria during the business hours can deliver quick response for them and this is ultimately going to benefit you.

Show your confidence!

Hiring or sourcing a service is a question of confidence. Confidence in yourself, that you will be able to meet the requirements of the arrangement. There are a lot of cloud-based tools out there designed to make admin a lot more bearable and less time-consuming, but the truth is that with even those tools at your disposal, in order to make use of them, you require time. Time that you do not really have.

Some years ago, Robert and Dwaine, began a telecoms business in Johannesburg. The primary focus was raising enough capital to sustain their business through the inception phase. Two young men, highly driven and highly capable, took on a small industry that is saturated with players, but they believed in their product and in their ability to meet the end user’s needs. They worked well together, fed off one another’s energy and drive in order to advance their initiative. With every new client that they won, work increased, and therefore admin kept piling up. Like most start-ups, the two made a mistake that most new companies make, they sought to employ an ‘admin lady’.

Two months down the line, it became apparent that the quality of the admin work did not match the expected standard. Lots of irregularities and stuff not done as requested. Their solution fast became a liability to the young firm that could not afford mistakes. The two entrepreneurs lacked the confidence to appoint a professional VA the first time. They were really good and driving their business forward, but clearly, the taking care of the other stuff was not their cup of tea. Even the smallest tasks took time to do. With a VA, they could have created groups or a group for a specific admin task by giving that particular VA access whenever needed to certain files and documents. There would be able to measure both the work done and the changes made to the overall document or file. Every time-consuming meeting that they had with the ineffective employee could have been just an email to a VA if ever there was a case of misunderstanding or dissatisfaction with the effort.

The same confidence needed in closing a business deal or convincing a potential client while having coffee some place fancy that you are the company that they should trust with their business, is the same confidence that you need to show in making decisions and finding dynamic solutions for you own firm.

“It feels like a mountain has been lifted off my shoulders as I can trust that my admin is getting done, on time.” – All Things Authentic

The same confidence that we have when handling our customers business is the same one that we wish them to have when hiring a Virtual Assistant. That confidence has yielded unexpected results for our clients, and we look forward to the second half of the year.

Don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the hiring.

No, it’s not another marketing strategy or a way of making you think differently about your business, it is true, however, that that business who hire Admin Assistants free up a whole lot of time. I mean a whole lot! Like a Donald Trump going to an election rally lot. How many assistants did he have, I wonder.Just imagine what a sales team can achieve during the greater part their day if their admin was done for them. Better still, we have clients who can relate to you with the own mouths the wonderful experience they are having in making use of Virtual Assistants.

As we turn the attention away from ourselves in the month of July and focus on our client’s experiences, we learning that it is not just about hiring help or procuring and extra service. Getting a Virtual Admin Assistant is a mark of entrepreneurial maturity – accepting that even the most brilliant of business people has a secret weapon. Our clients have become more creative, more production and definitely more prosperous. The secret? Freeing time!

“As a creative I like to call my weakness: Admin. Since I have appointed AdminAssist /a VA I have more time to create and do what I love” – All Things Authentic

The success of every business depends one thing, motivation. After staying up late at night reviewing job applications, drafting employment contracts or doing financials, in the morning you are not going to be as energetic as you one were when your business was just an idea. Energy is fuel for advancement in any undertaking, and the secret to staying motivated and fresh is to delegate tasks. Don’t be one of many business people who become possessive of everything, or feel the need to stir every pot. The fact that you are in business means that you are able also to enjoy some conveniences. Admit it, your best ideas came to you when you were in a relaxed state and in a relaxed atmosphere. You need more of that! To this day, the best business deals and conferences happen in places that attract entrepreneurs with similar interests. Gold courses, restaurants, sporting events etc. For this to happen, you need to entrust a part of your initiative to a competent bunch.

Having a Virtual Assistant is like having super powers. Yeah, I said super powers. You drop an idea or introduce a task and voila, it has been done. You can test any concept or put any idea into development knowing that it will not just be an experiment, but that it will result in something useful. It’s like bringing your brainstorm to life. Having a VA is gaining perspective and staying ahead of your own schedule, and most importantly, staying ahead of competition.

“I am thrilled that you are taking the initiative after all these confusing emails I sent you and are figuring things out for yourself. I deliberately threw you in the deep end and you seem to be swimming.” – Kai Losgott

It’s Okay To Crave A VA – But Do Not Just Dream About It, Get One!

We would not be doing the type of work that we are doing if we did not like it or enjoy it, at least, right? Marketing and taking on new clients and services is great! Admit it…you love the rush! Why wouldn’t you?! *smiley face*. Meetings, quotes, project management and overall communication, and all of sudden,we realize that we are strapped for time and we begin to forget some of the mental notes that we have made earlier in the day. Who do I need to see next? What communication is outstanding? Did I even get all my invoices out for the month?

It’s amazing to see before your very own eyes just how much administration that time, productivity and enjoyment can generate! About now you wish that you have a hand that can keep up with your energy levels and help according to your hourly needs with administration. Ah, you thought it was Virtually impossible to get part time virtually assistants in South Africa, didn’t you?

Reasons to act now rather than later:

  1. You are still in control of your business.
  2. You cannot afford to lose precious time interviewing all the part time assistants in Johannesburg!
  3. Ugh, employee training…who wants to do that! *sad face*
  4. You do not have the time to micromanage people. Your business needs you to keep producing the goods!
  5. You may not get the maximum output out of an employee that you have invested in.
  6. It is a proven fact that businesses grow from collaboration with external or outsourced entities than when looking internally for solutions all the time.

Imagine getting to a point where every time you sit down at your work station, it is to open new channels and to create new business without the burden of worry about accurate capture of data or catching up on outstanding communication. With a virtual assistant in Pretoria, this is more than possible, it is a readily available administration service! Great news…you just got cooler! Choosing Admin Assist, you have just joined an elite group of productive successful people.

Admin For Success – It’s Your Turn To Succeed!

It is that time of the year when you have to get your hustle on. Meetings here, and conferences there. These are elements of running a business that you simply cannot do without. As you know this by now, networking equal leads, and leads equal sales. That’s how we keep going.

Following a healthy business model, your business activities will include market research. This is something that you would have spent a lot of time doing prior to launching your business, but also, now that you are in it with both feet, you constantly have to monitor the reception of your products and services. How has the market reacted? Am I getting a piece of the pie? Taking time to measure your performance demands time away from the driving wheel.

Competitive analysis. Apart from running your own business, you probably have to also keep an eye on what your peers are doing, and how you can make your products and services stand out from the rest. Sending out quotes and later discussing them with your prospective clients as they make their decisions is a process that might take you away from your work.

Networking events. Would it not be nice to come back to an office where no work has piled up in your absence, and where your inbox has ‘magically’ cleared itself out and automatically responded to your clients? This is why most of us tend to stay away from events, to our detriment, because we fear the backlog.

What if I told you that one does not have to worry about this anymore? That you have an admin assistant in Pretoria that is ready to take on the administration and time consuming bits for you. Yes, outsource, get capable hands to help you.

Just listening to some successful enterprises talk about what makes a good part time assistant, the following qualities became a feature in their testimonies:

  • An organized approach
  • Good communication skills
  • An acceptabletelephone manner
  • Initiative
  • PC literacy
  • Honesty and discretion
  • Good time management
  • Team ethic
  • Ability to cope with pressure
  • Professionalism, an absolute must

The admin assistant role is a demanding one and requires a diversification of skills, from organization, customer service and right down to typing an acceptable number of words per minute as to save time and avoid a backlog. When looking for a virtual assistant you should make sure that the service that you are sourcing is from a stable company, a service provider that has a vibrant relationship with its clients. Good admin is key for success. Don’t let things get out of hand at the office, it’s your turn to enjoy the services of a competent virtual assistant.

An Admin Assistant for good times – You earned it!

You deserve a time out. You need to recover health and strength. Let part time assistants in Johannesburg save the day.

The most valuable asset your business has is you! Business grinds to a halt when you are not present mentally and spiritually. All that vision, creativity and drive comes from the brain, and the brain consumes energy in order to carry out its functions, and where there is creativity there is heart and soul. So yes, business affects us holistically, which is why you need time out. Taking a positive step forward means letting go of ones fears and finding the right admin partner.

Go on, find a competent virtual assistant in Johannesburg to ‘man’ the office on that special day when you decide to look after those valuable resources; mind, body and soul. Think of it this way, now that you are successful you can afford to outsource office help, be away and still keep your enterprise running.

Destressing is very important – Stress causes a malfunction in the brain’s electrical activity, and the result is loss of crucial information. We forget to do simple tasks, we mix things that do not belong together or we simply become forgetful. Sourcing part time assistants will help you step away in order to decongest your mind and let the brain matter heal naturally. After all, where are those creative ideas going to come from if you are constantly tired?

Restoring Creativity is the manner in which we keep our businesses relevant and growing. A tired individual cannot be asked to steer a ship as this requires one to be fit, alert and well-coordinated. Quiet time away from the office while knowing that your business is in great hands is priceless!

A time to celebrate. Make your reason to step away a celebratory one. You have to stop, look back and admire your efforts now and then. If it means taking a couple of days off to treat yourself well, do it! Some of the most impressive business ideas come when we are not in the office. Being outside and seeing the world at work stimulates our minds and induces creativity. The best part of it all is that now you can afford to do that.

Rest assured. What makes us feel the need to be hands on and in the office the whole time is the all-important interaction with our clients. Leave this to an unsourced professional for one day couldn’t hurt. With a virtual assistant in Pretoria you know that you are not entrusting your hard work with just anyone, but with an outfit that has been around and continues to serve business.

Rest, recreation and recuperation are integral parts which cannot be left outside the daily effort to succeed. You have earned your admin assistant, your time off and the opportunity to step away and look in from outside, assess your growth and carry one succeeding.

Confessions of a small business owner – This is why I crave a Virtual Assistants…

The time I spend on answering emails, which I do appreciate, and the time I spend in bookkeeping, sending out bulk correspondence and scheduling appointments could easily eat up 65% of my day. Time that I would rather spend sourcing new business and strengthening my small business’s position in this very competitive market place. Yes, at some point in our start-up adventure we believe in our ability to succeed. We take on mammoth challenges and work 18 hours a day in order to get off the ground and begin climbing upwards gaining new heights of continuity and success.

When the time is right to get a helping hand, somehow we become reluctant to think about hiring a more efficient hand. Maybe it is because we feel that we need to always be in control of every aspect of our business, which is not a foreign concept, but also, we are challenged to think big, to think expansion.

Delegating tasks, and especially administrative tasks is both a sign of maturity and the eagerness to grow. There are all sorts of realities that you will facewhen thinking about hiring admin people. You have to employa full-time administrator, maybe you can afford to do so, or you simply cannot afford to employ a full time helping hand. Labour proceedures, conducting interviews and such is something that we would rather not do as a small business’ time is always precious, and should be spent wisely because we shall never get it back once spent.

Here’s why I say you should consider a virtual assistant:

  1. Recover your social life – Delegating administrative tasks may just inject some life back into your living. We all know that in the first two to three years of starting a business, we work while others are asleep and we rarely see daylight. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally be able to go out after a day’s work and enjoy a few drinks with your peers?
  1. Recover your family life – Business is a real sacrifice, but it should not be like that forever. Get a part-time assistant in South Africa and free upmore time for family.
  1. Recover your health – Making money is great, but if you cannot spend any of it on your own health, then it’s all pointless. Your health comes first, and so when thinking about finding part-time assistants, you are doing the right thing!
  1. Work less – By hiring a virtual assistant in Pretoria, you will be able to work the hours that you should really be working per day. I want to imagine that you did not quit your job of 8 hours a day in order to work 18 hours a day!

Going forward with my business adventure as a start-up, I cannot deny the need for a virtual assistant. Getting professional virtual assistance means growth and freedom.